Do I Need Antibiotics Before a Root Canal?

Root Canals

Root Canals are a dental procedure that removes the infected pulp of a tooth and prevents tooth decay from spreading further. Millions of teeth are saved with this simple treatment each year, restoring a patient’s mouth to function and health again.

When a tooth is damaged or infected, it can lead to pain and infection in the pulp (soft tissue inside the tooth). Tooth pain may be caused by decay or trauma that damages the inner part of the tooth called the pulp, which contains nerves and blood vessels.

If your dentist determines that your tooth is infected, he or she will recommend root canal therapy to save the tooth. During a root canal, the infected pulp and harmful bacteria are removed from your tooth to stop the spread of infection and to save the natural tooth from further damage.

During the procedure, your dentist will first place a topical gel to numb the area and numb your nerves with a needle. Then, he or she will use a small drill to create access to your tooth’s pulp.

Then, he or she will use tiny tools to carefully remove the infected tissue and bacteria in your tooth’s pulp. In addition, he or she will clean the inside of your tooth.

After the treatment is complete, your dentist will fill your tooth’s roots and pulp chamber with a special material called gutta percha. This helps to seal the root canals and prevent the bacteria from leaking back into your tooth.

Your dentist will also put in a protective restoration called a crown to protect and restore your tooth. The procedure typically takes about one week.

Although antibiotics are often used before and after a root canal, research shows that they can actually make it harder for your body to fight infection. They can also cause resistance to antibiotics and a rise in other types of infections.

You can help keep your dental health in check and avoid the need for root canals by following good oral hygiene practices, avoiding sugary foods and snacks and having regular cleanings at Go2Dental Sarasota, FL. In addition, we can help you find the right treatment for any other dental issue that is affecting your smile.

A Root Canal is an Endodontic Procedure

Root canals are a type of endodontic surgery. They are performed by dentists who have additional training and experience in treating the inside of your tooth.

The inside of your tooth contains a soft tissue called the pulp, which is made up of connective tissue and nerves. It contains blood vessels and carries nutrients to the outer part of your tooth.

A damaged or infected tooth can lead to a serious infection that can spread to your other teeth and even your heart. Your dentist will prescribe antibiotics before a root canal to prevent a systemic infection and to control inflammation in your mouth.

After a root canal, your tooth is usually very sensitive to hot and cold, but this will go away with time. It’s important to continue with proper oral care and avoid consuming too much sugar as you recover from this procedure.